Ivan B - Upside Down Lyrics

Lyrics Upside Down – Ivan B

Always see things upside, upside down
Don’t trust us to turn this ship around
I always see things

Holding me close
Is it for me, you got nowhere to go?
Don’t wanna be here, I don’t wanna know
Why’s it feel like I been here before every time I let go?
Said to myself ’cause I’m fine on my own
But I look at the world and I feel so alone
Won’t see me in person, they’ll light up my phone
When feelings collapse, that’s when they roam
Yeah, it’s a lot of stress, sorry if I don’t send a text
Say I’m dressin’ bummy, but I promise it’s designer sweats
Yeah, I know, no amount of money covers up a mess
Yeah, I know, I been feelin’ less and less, and
S.O.S, I ain’t there, I ain’t invested
I ain’t at the party, all you people not impressed with
Debby downer, she right here, I love it, she my best friend
Yeah, I know I

Always see things
Upside, upside down
I don’t trust us to turn this ship around
I always see things

Pessimistic, hat says “No”, but I never listen
I sit still, but I’m always driftin’
You’re right here, but it feels so distant
In between love and realistic, depressing, isn’t it?
But it hurts more to be optimistic
Writin’ this down like no-ones listenin’, uh
Baby it’s time for me to wake up
Maybe it’s time for us to break up
Out of love, it’s time to save up
Gave too much to say “I gave up”
Uh, yeah, ay
No high notes for me
I’ve been gone, I’ve been lowkey
Too many people I don’t know knowing something about me, ay
Gettin’ older, story never changes
While they turn their back on me, I’m turnin’ all these pages
Lot of broken promises, I know this, but won’t say it
Twisted, yeah, I hate it
Always see things

‘Side, upside down
Don’t trust us to turn this ship around


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