Zach Bryan Burn Burn Burn Lyrics

Lyrics Burn, Burn, Burn – Zach Bryan

Everyone seems a damn genius lately,
Tik-tok talking, late night TV,
And there’s still so much that I have yet to know,

We get dressed up just to go downtown,
In some ego filled late night crowd,
It’s seems that’s where I feel the most alone,

I’d like to get lost on some old back road,
Find a shade tree and a honey hole,
And talk to my grandpa again,

I see God in everything, trees and pain and nights in spring,
So why do I still long for a home,

I’d like to lay in a field on a cozy blanket,
And feel the fear of never waking,
To know the true warmth of the sun,

I’d like to love my lady long and hard,
And lay down lines of laymen guitar,
And never leave loving arms again,

My exes hate me and my friends all miss me,
I wanna drown in rot gut whiskey,
And leave this small town for awhile,

Head to Paris on a late night flight,
Find a bar and get in a fight,
Write a few poems on sunny balcony,

I want to be a child climbing trees somewhere,
Breathing in the fresh, outside air,
Before I knew this life was unkind,

I want a well-trained dog and on a couple acres,
A kind, kind lady and a place to take her,
And a few good friends I can count on one of my hands,

I know I’m bound to die one day, so when I reach those golden gates, I pray to say I did the best I can,

Sit with my mother and the dearly departed,
Send a prayer down to the broken hearted,
Let em’ know it all turns out just fine,

To know me is to love me and to hate me is to wrong me, I prefer my nights lonely, I love blues guitar and muscle cars and gin,

I’m a simple man I don’t need much just my simple songs and some human touch, and I’m tired now so I’m bringing my ass home,

Let me go——down the line,
Let me feel it all,
Joy, pain, and sky,
Let me go——
Down the line,
We all burn, burn, burn,
Then die

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