Stunna 4 Vegas – Skurrt Lyrics

Stunna 4 Vegas Skurrt Lyrics

Stunna 4 Vegas – Skurrt Lyrics

Damn, NeéVon, you went crazy
Keyway, you’re a genius
Let’s go, 4

Ayy, I’m that lil’ nigga
I been with VV on the Bentley (Been with VV)
We still’ll go hop in the rental (Still’ll go hop in the rental)
Before it got cool, we was spinnin’ (Got cool, we was spinnin’)
I said, “Before the views, I was trendin’”
Up that fire, it get hot
Put a cooler on it, cool down when you hit it (Bop, bop, bop, bop)
I pull up in the coupe with a bitch
She got her head down givin’ head behind five percent
It’s dead opps in the air, I can’t hide the sticks (Shh, ha)
It’s a high-speed chase, can’t hide the switch (No)
I rather get caught with it then without the shit
Give the dick like I love her, I won’t wife the bitch (Thot, thot)
Give the dick like I love her (Huh?)
This fire protect me like my brother do (This fire protect me like my brother do)
Know this fire protect me like a rubber
Up that switch at his stutter
Touch you and your brother too (Touch you and your brother too he tried to stay low)
He fell in love with swingin’ his cutter
Now they scared to cut him loose (Bop, gang)
We ain’t squashin’ no beef, so call a truce (Fuck I look like—)
I can make a quick call, put him on the news (Come on)
I can’t talk about racks, rather pour a deuce (Gang)
Drunk a eight in a Sprite, that’s a jungle juice (Mud, mud)
Niki keep textin’ me, like, “When you comin’ through?” (Uh-uh)
I pop a Perc’, show ho what them drugs do (Uh-uh, uh-uh)
Throw back a Perc’ and show her how them pills work (Uh)
I’m on a twenty ball, I’m ’bout to kill her (Uh-uh)
Shorty get hit like a expert (Thot, thot)
She let me lay back, show me how them lips work (Eat, eat)
I won’t diss, I’ma give ’em a T-shirt (Gang)
Taliban jump out and hit first (Get on)
Niggas hit up the Scat’ and got did worse (What else? Uh)
This shit I be on, you can’t rehearse (On God)
He get hit with that stick, it ain’t no rebirth (Blatt)
Shit ain’t no game, dog (Shit ain’t no game, dog)
Out my top, I sip drank raw (Drank raw)
Chase the pill with the syrup, I might nod off (Fuck, I might nod off, uh-huh)
I don’t give a fuck about no blog
I get a nigga knocked off with a head nod (I get him out of here)
Peter drunk, he sippin’ eggnog (On God)
Peter roll him, knock his head off (Blatt)
I’m a hot nigga like Bobby Shmurda (What else?)
Bitch nigga, don’t try this murder
We hop in the V, we ridin’, searchin’ (Opp hunt)
Opp hunt, we slidin’, swervin’ (Let’s go)
Let’s go, niggas dyin’, mamas cryin’, it’s merch
Th-Th-This a Trackhawk, we ride, we skrrt (Skrrt, skrrt)
I’m just high as a hawk when I pop them Perkies (Percs)
I think I’m addicted to pourin’ the syrup (Pourin’ the syrup)
Every nigga with me on alert with a fire in his hand
If I say it, he purgin’ (Bop)
Stick a nigga, we do him the worst (Bop)
We push up back-to-back in all-black Suburbans (Bop, bop)
Headshot Gang, no surgeon
I-I block the bitch if she actin’ too worse (Eat, eat)
Kick him out the whip before we feel he nervous
Bitch nigga act hard ’til you close they curtains

Bitch nigga act hard ’til you get up on him
Hard ’til you close they curtains
Won’t talk, we show him
Trackhawk, we, huh
This Trackhawk, get lost, when we slide, we skrrt
Keyway, you’re a genius
Damn, NeéVon, you went crazy

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