Bill Wurtz – fly around Lyrics

Bill Wurtz – fly around Lyrics

I walk over the earth in special sandals
I took those sandals off
Now I can fly around
Some people wonder
Why the sun is not very bright
My arms are much too tired for this conversation

Travel the distance in between where I was
And where I would like to be a little later
The sky is falling, the sky is larger
Than any sky could be

Ooh-ah, oh-ee
My calendar is telling me it’s the future
Somewhere there’s a second scene
With characters that never speak
But you still know exactly what they mean
And you still know exactly what the story will be

I travel the world without my blanket
So when I’m feeling tired
I can just fly around
Most people wonder
If the moon is part of the sky
Or if it’s just a decoration added later

Ooh-ah, oh-ee
My galaxy is spinning toward the future
Somewhere in the seventh scene
When no one understands the point of view
That you now find so familiar
Oh, my memories are coming back in ways
I wasn’t ready for
But I’m still enjoying the way it feels
So I’m holding on to the details
Capture this moment
In a series of carefully chosen words and phrases
And then re-play it

I walk over the earth in special sandals
I kick those sandals off
And watch them fly around
I didn’t notice
If they ever landed
But if they do I’ll understand the reason

Oh-ah, ooh-ee
The melody is drifting into the future
And I feel pretty good
About what time it is
About what day it ever was
And how it came to this
Ooh, the memory is drifting back in ways
That I’ll pretend to know and understand
I’ll pretend to know exactly how the story will end

I travel the-
Walk over the-
Into the-
Back to the-

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